About Us

Technology, Redefined.


We are buildings apps for the future and solving real problems.

At Parakozm, we believe in creating a better internet. This is why we build and deploy web and mobile apps that work seamlessly and straight out of the box.

But web is not the only platform that we work with. We are active in gaming, education, enterprise and embedded software, business and finance apps, and a lot more.


Our journey began in Bahrain, in 2017. Today, we have expanded to multiple countries, and have offices in UAE, Kazakhstan, and India. We started off as a simple one-man web development agency, and are now active in multiple verticals and have a team of 80+ people, spread across six countries.

At Parakozm, one of our main goals is to contribute to the development of education. For that reason, we build and deploy a wide array of educational tools and resources -- including (but not limited to) school management apps, finance apps, digital classroom solutions, and a lot more! We have worked with over 100 countries, spread across five different continents... and the journey still continues.


What makes us different?


No project is too big or too small for us. We spend time meticulously working out the details, to put together solutions that will make life easier for clients.


Spread across three different offices (and a lot of digital nomads), the Parakozm team can code in a dozen scripting languages. We are at the heart of technology, always.


We eat deadlines for lunch! We know your business depends on mission-critical solutions, and we promise to deliver just that, nothing less!

Our Story